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Romco Group a UK multinational, was incorporated in 2016 with a simple goal of creating a more sustainable planet by way of recycling in the metal trade. Headquartered in the UK, Romco Group processes and trades non-ferrous metals globally.

Romco Group provides and helps facilitate the producer’s feedstock by processing internally and trade from their vast network, manufacturers worldwide are more focused than ever on using recycled materials. This has resulted in a significant increase for recycled materials to be a huge proportion of the end producer’s feedstock portfolio.

Since 2015 Romco Group’s focus has been on expanding its footprint across Africa, with plans for other continents within the emerging markets sphere. Flourishing in 2018 with record-breaking revenue, Romco plans to grow on this success in line with the company’s growth strategy, along with the launch of the Romco bond.

Our mission is to reduce global dependence on landfills by way of recycling and smart waste management. We aim to become a global leader in the processing and trading of secondary materials to manufactures worldwide.

Since our founding, we have grown to become a major distributor for the metal trade and non-ferrous metals across continents and we plan to continue expanding our successful growth. With the curation of the board, governance and with the mini-bond issue, our development plans are on the right track.


preparing metal for metal recycling

How Does Metal Recycling Work?

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